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Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection with NewBase’s Aegis product

Recovering your Microsoft Office 365 data from malicious attacks, security breaches or accidental deletions is essential for maintaining business continuity. However, are you aware that Microsoft only manages Office 365 infrastructure and only temporarily retains critical Email, SharePoint and One Drive data? This could be devastating to your ability to fully restore your business’s email and data points to where you need them to be.

A Look Into Microsoft’s Retention Policies

Microsoft’s Office 365 Standard Retention Policy Guide
Office 365 Retention
Default 14 days – Max 93 days
Exchange Online
Default 14 days – Max 93 days
Default 14 days – Max 93 days

Retention VS Disaster Recovery – What’s the difference?

Microsoft’s tagline for data recovery governance is “keep what you need and get rid of what you don’t”. Not as easy as it seems. Deciding what’s important to keep, protecting what you keep and what’s the best way to keep all have a business cost. NewBase can help you make an informed choice that safeguards your business against service interruption.

The crucial question becomes ‘do you want protection against accidental deletion, systematic deletion or system/network failure?’

Choosing if a Retention Policy or Disaster Recovery is right for you

A retention policy requires two actions:

  1. Retaining content so that it can’t be permanently deleted before the end of the retention period.
  2. Deleting content permanently at the end of the retention period.

With a retention policy you can:

  • Retain content, delete content or both – retain and then delete the content.
  • Apply a single policy to the entire organization or just specific locations or users.
  • Apply a policy to all content or just content meeting certain conditions, such as content containing specific keywords or specific types of sensitive information.

How different Microsoft retention policies are applied to data

Retention Wins Over Deletion

Retention Policy #1:  Delete Exchange email after three years.

Retention Policy #2:  Retain Exchange Online email for five years and then delete it.

In this scenario – Content that reaches three years old will be deleted, but still retained in the Recoverable Items folder until the content reaches five years old. It will then be permanently deleted.

The Longest Retention Period Wins

If content has multiple retention policies applied to it, it will be retained until the end of the longest retention period.

Explicit inclusion wins over implicit inclusion

This means that if a label with retention settings is manually assigned by a user to an item, (ie for Exchange email or OneDrive documents), it will take precedence over a policy assigned at the site or mailbox level.

If a retention policy includes a specific location, (ie a specific user’s mailbox or OneDrive for Business account) it will take precedence over another retention policy that applies to all users’ mailboxes or OneDrive for Business accounts.

The Shortest Deletion Period Wins

Content subject to multiple policies but with no retention, will be deleted at the end of the shortest retention period.

In short, retention policies require target management processes, whereas disaster recovery involves a set of policy tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. This is where Aegis for Microsoft Office 365 keeps your data protected and accessible.

What’s The Solution?

Office 365 Backup and Data Protection

With security threats, internal company staff turnover and accidental data deletion, NewBase’s Aegis for Microsoft 365 data recovery solution provide seamless and continuous backup support for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. With Microsoft Office 365’s recovery turnaround time being anywhere up to 140 days, our Aegis support ensures that your data recovery turnaround (even with instances such as natural disasters) is significantly reduced.

As a plus, our data is stored locally in Australia within our data centres, for your peace of mind. To help keep overheads down, Aegis is billed on an per user/per gigabyte scale each month.

A Recap of Aegis Key Benefits & Features

  • Protect your Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online with flexible restore options
  • Securely house your sensitive and invaluable data in our Australian data centres.
  • Allows your business to restore corrupted data long after the 93 day Microsoft Office 365 retention period
  • Backup SharePoint and OneDrive data
  • Allows your business to restore deleted items long after the 93 day Microsoft Office 365 retention period
  • Protects against accidental and malicious tampering and deletion
  • Protect against external security threats.
  • Meets legal and international standards compliance requirements now and into the future

Connect To NewBase’s Aegis for Microsoft Office 365

Ultimately, NewBase’s Aegis for Microsoft Office 365 futureproofs your business’s data integrity – Don’t wait until it’s too late! For total access, control and protection of your data look no further than NewBase’s Aegis for Microsoft Office 365. Contact our knowledgeable staff to get your Aegis for Office 365 account started!

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