Cloud Computing

An Overview: What is Cloud Computing in Simple Terms?

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand data and computing services over the internet. Cloud computing offers flexible access to the enterprise network, facilitating data sharing between computers, smart devices and staff members regardless of their physical location. It uses a network of remote servers, storage and applications to process, manage and store data. Thus, giving enterprises a cost-effective alternative to delivering secure and up-to-date IT resources to its staff.

NewBase Cloud: Delivering scalable and efficient resources. Any time. Every time.

Is Cloud Secure?

NewBase provides a broad set of data governance policies to protect your data, apps and infrastructure from data compromise. These safeguards include:

  • Privacy – Customer data will not be replicated to other Australian States or offshore.
  • Compliance – Complies with local, State and Australian laws regarding data access and security.
  • Certifications – Certified to ISO 20000, 9001, 27001 for IT Security Management yearly audits.
  • Security – All NewBase staff sign a “Customer Deed of Privacy” agreement that secures data held with us.

What are the Benefits of NewBase Cloud?

  • Approval – Approved on Government ICTSS.1804 Panel.
  • Locality – eliminate latency as geographically local to Brisbane.
  • Cost effective
    • Eliminates high capital expenditure of hardware, software and running a data centre.
    • Provisioned within a Tier 3 equipped data centre for risk mitigation.
    • Offers infinite infrastructure scalability .
  • Speed – fast, flexible and on-demand provision of data and services.
  • Optimal Performance
    • Up to 99.99% platform availability.
    • Reduced network latency with access to a worldwide network of secure data centres.
    • Ensure company software remains up to date.
  • Greater Control – Self service provisioning and management resources.
  • Licensing – Options based on a user consumption model.

NewBase Cloud Service Areas: Iaas and Paas

Newbase offers managed services within:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The most basic category of all cloud computing services; IaaS Is a cloud computing service that allocates virtualised computing resources to the user through the internet or dedicated link. The user rents the computing resources on a consumption basis backed up by performance service level agreements (SLAs); so you don’t need to worry about the underlying hardware. NewBase offers our clients IaaS services based on consumption, where you only pay for what you use; similar to electricity or other utility billing.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

NewBase delivers Platform as a Service (PaaS), which enables our clients to install their applications via IaaS. This requires support for the environment above the hypervisor. NewBase takes on the onus of responsibility for patching and maintaining the operating system as well as selected applications; so you can focus on your business.

NewBase is dedicated to providing fellow Queensland businesses with access to next generation computer technology. Contemplating transitioning to the Cloud? Talk to our knowledgeable Cloud representatives to discuss a migration plan that suits you. Alternatively, if you are already on the Cloud, consider our Managed Services options [link to managed services page] to reduce costs, improve resource efficiency and scalability for your enterprise.

Why is NewBase Cloud the Ideal Platform for your Business?

NewBase Cloud is an enterprise level, secure multi-tenanted cloud service that offers a pay-as-you-go model for infrastructure and compute resource provisioning. NewBase adopts a “cloud first” approach to service provision via a fully configured environment of software, operating systems, server and communications hardware ready for client use. As such, NewBase can design, install, embed and manage your Cloud based infrastructure.

Employing NewBase Cloud services is highly advantageous for businesses based in South East Queensland. With data centres based in Brisbane, the close geographical proximity minimises the risk of potential latency when transmitting data via the network

Connect To NewBase’s Cloud Computing Service

NewBase utilises Tier 3 Data Centres to host its hardware, providing assurance that your data is secured and managed by our dedicated team. In contrast, designated staff are not always available to deliver on-premise installations. Additionally, NewBase Cloud offers your business up to 99.99% platform availability, so your systems are essentially functional 24/7, with practically zero downtime! NewBase Cloud has been developed to meet stringent security standards that keep your information secure; thereby offering you and your customers complete peace of mind!

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