Regarding the current COVID-19 situation we take this opportunity to update you on NewBase’s preparations and actions concerning this ongoing situation.

15tH June 2020 – UPDATE

Given the low infection rate and easing of restrictions in Queensland, NewBase is implementing a slow, team-based return of staff to the office. This is on a rotational basis to ensure social distancing is maintained.

NewBase continues to provide a clean and safe working environment with adequate handwashing facilities and access to sanitiser. The office has been arranged to enable physical distancing and staff have been educated in regards to hygiene and safety relating to COVID-19.

NewBase staff still have the option to work from home and are encouraged to do so if they feel at all unwell. Car parking has been made available to staff travelling to the office, helping to keep staff distanced from the general public for the time being.

NewBase is proud to have continued a consistent level of staff productivity thought this time while ensuring Customer Service Level Agreements have been maintained at the highest level.

  • The majority of our workforce continues to happily work from home, where they consistently meet or exceed Key Performance Indicators.
  • A limited number of employees are working from the NewBase office as the business requires an open presence for customer service and deliveries. Staff in the office are socially distancing themselves while NewBase maintains a clean and safe working environment.
  • Both staff and client meetings continue to be conducted online, through the use of the NewBase Teams Environment.
  • Customer Service Level Agreements have been maintained at the highest level. We have ensured all clients’ staff work environments do not impact business productivity throughout this period.

30th March 2020 – Update

87% of NewBase staff are working from home and 100% productive.

27th March 2020 – Update

2 staff members of NewBase who were recently overseas, have returned home safe and well and are now in 14 days of isolation.

24th March 2020 – Statement

Regarding the current COVID-19 situation we take this opportunity to update you on NewBase’s preparations and actions concerning this ongoing situation.

We believe we should do everything possible to contribute to the prevention and control of COVID-19 while keeping our business operating with minimal disruption.

NewBase has evolved to now being an “in-the-cloud” digital business. We are leveraging our digital collaboration tools to enhance our existing operations. We will support you in driving similar initiatives within your business.

Policies have been implemented at NewBase to minimise the impact on day to day operations, our employees and our valued clients. While we are confident that we have the right business continuity plans and systems in place to support you, these policies continue to evolve as new information from the relevant health authorities and the government becomes available.

I wish to confirm to you, that NewBase has in place, 2 sets of policies and procedures relating to the above.

These Policies and Procedures are included as part of NewBase’s Integrated Management System incorporating our ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certifications.

  • Policy 1 is the “Communicable Disease Policy” which caters to the broader range of contagious diseases including Chicken Pox, Rubella, Rubeola, Meningitis, Hepatitis A and Tuberculosis.
  • Policy 2 is the “Pandemic Policy and Procedure” which is more focussed on the current COVID-19 situation.

NewBase policy aligns with the Australian Government Department of Health Fact Sheet on COVID-19.
NewBase, as part of its ISO certification, already has in place its Business Continuity Plans. An external ISO audit of the Integrated Management System was carried out in February 2020.

NewBase already has the capabilities to manage its business remotely by processes including:

  • All meetings with clients and/or vendors to be done by conference call. Specifically, client meetings will continue through the use of the NewBase Teams environment
  • All staff have the technical infrastructure capability to effectively “work from home”
  • Daily meetings and stand-ups via NewBase Teams to ensure all staff are kept up-to-date on the situation and interact with other NewBase members regarding daily operational issues
  • Close interaction with our Data Centre partners ensuring secure and suitable access (Remote Hands) to the NewBase environments is authorised.

NewBase has initiated its “Work from Home” policy whereby staff are given the choice to work from home if that is their preference. As of the 24th March 2020, 14 (35%) staff are exercising their right to work from home. A risk analysis has been performed also to ensure staff aren’t travelling on public transport and limiting their access to other people travelling to and from work.

NewBase is confident it maintains a clean and safe working environment. We have also put in place a high level of staff awareness and reminders as to the need for handwashing and personal hygiene.

Should you require any further information please contact