Digital Workspaces

What is a digital workspace?

A digital workspace provides an intelligent IT solution for businesses, aiming to enhance the user experience, encourage collaboration, and increase productivity. This service provides employees with a unified single sign-on (SSO) experience, including centralised access to all files both on and off premise. NewBase can provide an innovative IT solution for your company, through the integration of a digital workspace.

Benefits of a digital workspace

  • Increased employee performance; particularly levels of engagement, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Optimise the speed of business operations
  • Improved customer experience and profitability
  • Secure network through multi-factor authentication process
  • Seamless, high-quality user experience
  • Service and End point management
  • Allow companies’ IT departments to control access to various applications and valuable corporate information
  • Decrease operating costs by encouraging efficient collaboration within the workforce
  • Simplify IT complexity
  • Eliminate interpersonal communication barriers
  • Retain and attract employee talent, by providing the flexible alternative to work out-of-office
  • Reduce end user support costs

Why your business should be migrating to the Citrix Workspace Suite

Workforce productivity is the company’s most costly and valuable asset. The productivity of employees in a complex IT environment is hindered by the completion of low-value tasks. These include; accessing multiple devices to retrieve business information, remembering numerous logins for applications, and receiving a large number of notifications from different digital platforms. Security issues, and network performance also contribute to decreased employee efficiency.

The Citrix Workspace Suite organises and automates employees’ work. This platform “improves user productivity by providing common layers for application delivery, service management, endpoint management, analytics and network access control” (Retrieved from Citrix Workspace Solution Brief). The Citrix Workspace Suite provides a unified user experience, allowing employees to swiftly complete routine business tasks on any device.

The SSO feature allows users the ability to access mobile, web, Windows, and SaaS apps via a standard browser. This eliminates compliance risk, and provides end users with instant connection to files, data and apps. After employees sign-on, they are easily able to access internal information; with a virtual assistant that automates various projects and streamlines workflows. Unlike other SSO applications, Citrix Workspace Suite provides users with secure internet access. The platform also allows internal IT departments to implement company policies, regarding what users can and cannot view.

Using these Citrix solutions, not only have we created the conditions for secure and productive work at all of our locations, but we can now react considerable more quickly to new business requirements.

David Kreft, Head of Systems Management, Service Deck and Windows Development, WAGO

According to the Oxford Economics Study, The Citrix Workspace Suite assisted 96% of organisations; helping their employees problem solve more innovatively. Digital workspaces also assisted 87% of organisations in providing better customer service (Oxford Economics, 2019).

Regardless of the size of your organisation, Citrix Workspace Suite will provide a user-centric experience for your business. With the additional ability to manage migration to the cloud and management of these features; Citrix Workspace Suite provides a simplified solution to protect company data. Through the process of centralised app layering and management, Citrix Digital Workspace also enables reliable SSO to Office 365.

Microsoft Workspace

The digital landscape is constantly evolving over time. Microsoft Digital Workplace is a new service solution that empowers employees and encourages collaborative efforts, to increase business outputs. If your company is seeking more information about the Microsoft Digital Workplace, contact one of the specialists at NewBase for more information today.

Connect To NewBase’s Digital Workspace Services

Both Citrix Digital Workspace and Microsoft Digital Workplace provide collaborative IT solutions, that enhance the productivity of organisations, to drive them forward. Contact the NewBase specialists today, and we can recommend which digital workspace solution would satisfy your business needs, and revolutionise the way you work.

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What Is The Modern Workplace?
What Is The Modern Workplace?
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