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NewBase offers a variety of Managed Services to provide Queensland businesses with IT assistance, on their premises. Technology is evolving at an epic pace, which in turn is leading to greater customer expectations and workplace demands. So NewBase have developed a series of Managed Service options to suit organisations from small businesses to enterprises with various IT solutions. Alternatively, if your company already has a dedicated IT team, but you occasionally need additional assistance on an ad hoc basis, NewBase also offers a Fee for Service solution.

Let’s First Breakdown Our Support Options

Support Service Type Fee for Service Managed IT Service Offering
NewBase Assist Platform Support End User Support Endpoint Management
Service Eligibility Independent services categorised within a Managed IT Service are available on an ad hoc basis. These single services will be charged on an hourly rate, at full price; whether or not a customer is already utilising an existing Managed IT Service. NewBase Assist customers are eligible for discounted Platform Support services. Only available to NewBase Assist customers, at a discounted rate. Fixed cost charged on a monthly basis, per device. Only available to NewBase Assist customers with Platform Support, at a discounted rate. Fixed cost charged  on a monthly basis, per user. Only available to NewBase Assist customers with Platform Support and End User Support, at a discounted rate. Fixed cost charged on a monthly basis, per endpoint.

What Is Fee For Service?

No in-house IT professionals can specialise in all aspects of the ever-changing IT landscape. Furthermore, not many businesses can afford to engage these staff beyond typical work hours, or have the resources to cover these internal staff when they utilise annual leave. That’s when NewBase’s Fee for Service option can eliminate these stresses for your organisation. As the need arises, NewBase can provide skilled professionals to cover workforce shortages on a  short-term basis.

NewBase Assist – What Does It Consist Of?

Any change within an organisation poses a risk to your business, as productivity may be impacted. That’s why NewBase has developed a Change Management Control process, so that methodical measures can be taken before, during and after the change to minimise threats to your company. These preventative steps may encompass preparing backups, developing a backout plan, or compiling requirements to be fulfilled. As an Assist customer, NewBase can help identify the need for a change within your company, such as the configuration of a system or component.

These Are Applicable Changes

  • An Incident when a problem occurs.
  • A Service Request when software assistance is required.
  • Or Critical Issue resolution which may be escalated to a third-party supplier for warranty purposes.

All recommended Change Controls will be directed to your business to authorise the suggested modification. Furthermore, all applications or services which could be affected by the proposed adjustment would be documented; so your company can recognise the benefits and evaluate the risks involved, before approving the change.

Occasionally, a particular type of Service Request may become a recurring issue for an organisation. In the event that this occurs, both NewBase or your business have the opportunity to escalate this incident to become recognised as a Critical Issue. This exercise also applies to a recurring system monitoring message or system log check.

When a problem is apprehended as a Critical Issue, NewBase identifies the key stakeholders and notifies them of the current status. Attending Service Engineers will review the issue and investigate to identify the root cause of the issue. The Engineers will then make a plan to resolve the critical Issue before communicating this proposal to relevant parties. Once NewBase has obtained authorisation to proceed, the Engineers will track their progress to ensure the problem is addressed and all stakeholders are advised of the resolution.

To ensure the quality delivery of the Assist service, NewBase will allocate a dedicated Relationship Manager to partner with your business. The Relationship Manger is responsible for establishing and maintaining our understanding of your organisation’s requirements. This ongoing dialogue ensures we proactively address evolving needs and respond quickly to your concerns.

Additionally, your Relationship Manager will happily manage subsequent relationships with third-party suppliers, such as manufacturers and vendors, when necessary. In this way they can ensure continuity of support, under warranty, for the products and services your business uses and help minimise ownership costs.

Businesses enlisting the Gold and Platinum levels of the NewBase Assist Managed Service are also allocated a Technical Account Manager (TAM), to provide specialised support. Our Technical Account Managers are responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of the IT environment within your organisation. This equips them to advise your company about the costs, capabilities and risks associated with your IT. The TAM will communicate with your internal Nominated Officers, predominantly via email.

Up to four hours per month is allotted for your TAM to assist you with the successful operation and improvement of your existing IT environment. This arrangement enables your TAM to become a trusted member of your business team, as you develop a mutual working relationship. This strong connection enables the TAM to align their focussed advice with your business objectives and priorities. In turn, your organisation can leverage their technical expertise to enhance your organisation’s IT capability, with contemporary solutions.

Premium Assist customers are entitled to partner with a TAM who has a minimum of 10 years  experience within the IT industry, so you can rest assured their recommendations are based on immense knowledge.

NewBase Assist customers utilising the Silver and Gold levels of Managed Services, will receive performance reports each quarter, which review the delivery of our services. These reports also evaluate the behaviour of your organisation’s IT environment during the period, and is presented to your internal Nominated Officers. Platinum customers are entitled to monthly reports.

The report includes a historical summary of all Service Requests and Incidents, with recommendations provided, as appropriate, to address recurring faults or user errors.

Furthermore, the report will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats within your company IT environment. Advice will then be provided in relation to methods for improving performance, capacity, reliability and security. Any ensuing service requests will be submitted for your authorisation before being handled by the Service Desk.

Many organisations feel their IT suppliers have let their organisation down in the past. This is often the case because the provider has taken a piecemeal approach to their IT, as opposed to managing the environment holistically. That’s why NewBase has instituted a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) onboarding process for new Assist customers.

By taking an inventory of your business’s IT, the full scope of the environment to be supported exclusively by NewBase, is documented in an agreement. NewBase is able to store information about the configuration of your applications, hardware, software, data communications; as well as the interdependencies between these systems. This information is maintained within the NewBase CMDB, SiteCentral. It is used by NewBase personnel to deliver Assist services and may be accessed by your Nominated Officers via the NewBase Client Portal.

As your company purchases licensed products from NewBase, a history is recorded within a License Management Tracking System (LMTS). This information can then assist your business with budgeting and controlling costs. Furthermore, this service helps your organisation manage licensing compliance and the associated risks of noncompliance. Additionally, you may engage NewBase to generate Software Inventory, an Application Usage Report or a License Compliance Audit.

To ensure the efficient maintenance of the IT systems within your organisation, and swift remediation as problems arise, NewBase implements automated System Monitoring, where possible. These automation tools detect the majority of faults and flag potential issues, then alert NewBase via a secure internet connection. NewBase will notify your Nominated Officers of any issues detected and obtain their authorisation before passing the Request onto the Service Desk for resolution.

Moreover, NewBase will deploy scripts, running at regular intervals, to monitor Business Applications such as a database, mail or web server. These scripts will notify NewBase of the applications’ availability and distribute an alert to the Service Desk if the application ceases to respond.

All organisations which engage NewBase Assist are provided with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This incorporates a detailed profile of the applications, users, timeframes and the impact of applications becoming unavailable. It also outlines deliverables in regard to NewBase assisting your company. This profile is used by NewBase to prioritise responses to incidents and Service Requests. For instance, if all users are affected by an application error which has a critical impact on the business, NewBase will resolve this issue, before addressing a non-critical problem which only affects a single user.

Such factors affect the approximate processing time taken for the problem to be identified and allocated to an Engineer. These circumstances are also taken into consideration when establishing the estimated response time for work to commence. The resolution targets that a customer can expect a solution to be found, or a temporary workaround to be implemented is indicated in the SLA. If user productivity is affected, NewBase Service Engineers will endeavour to settle the matter during initial contact.

Depending on your business needs, different levels of service Support are available to NewBase Assist customers. Choose from a traditional Service Desk, extended business hours or 24/7 support.

  • Service Desk

As a NewBase Assist customer, all end users within your organisation have full access to our service desk. This means your staff can submit Service Requests via email at any time, or via phone during normal business hours. To facilitate this service, NewBase obtains the names and contact details of your employees, and will take direction from you to maintain accountability and control costs. Your team will be provided with written instructions on how best to utilise the Service Desk. Our Service Desk Administrator will monitor all Service Requests to eliminate duplicates, prioritise incidents and keep affected users informed; of the progress made to resolve the issue, via the NewBaseClient Portal.

Your internal IT staff don’t need to be concerned about the integration of the NewBase service Desk within your business. Your own IT team has the option to share the workload of Service Requests with the Engineers at NewBase! Incidents will be allocated via previously agreed criteria and managed via the NewBase Client Portal.

  • Extended Business Hours

NewBase understands that in the modern world, not many organisations are just operating during the traditional hours of 9am-5pm. That’s why NewBase offers Assist customers support during Extended Business Hours, so help is available for at least 12 hours, every weekday! During the extended hours of 7am-8:30am and 5pm-7pm, your call will either be handled by our Service Desk Administrator directly, or our paging service will engage a Service Engineer to contact you within 30 minutes. Our Service Engineers have access to your Configuration Management Database and therefore already possess an understanding of your company’s IT environment. This facilitates fault finding, empowering them to investigate events within just 30 minutes, minimising disruption to your business.

  • 24/7 Support

Our 21st century lifestyles mean customers increasingly expect around the clock service. That’s why NewBase offers 24/7 support to Platinum level clients. This after-hours support is available via a paging service which alerts an on-call Service Engineer, to call you back within 30 minutes! While after-hours assistance is only provided for significant events, where a fault impacts the productivity of one or a group of users, for example. The Service Engineer has access to your Configuration Management Database, so they can swiftly resolve critical issues. Standing Orders are established at the commencement of this service to establish prioritisation of incidents, to be worked upon outside of extended business hours. This will determine the prescribed course of action taken by NewBase after-hours. Various billable rates do apply for work performed after-hours.

Compare The Four (4) Levels Of NewBase Assist

Service Support
Lowest priority Service Desk response, available between 8:30am-5pm, charged on an hourly rate.
Service Desk available between 8:30am-5pm.
Extended Hours of Support, between 7am-7pm.
24/7 Support
Relationship Manager
License Management Tracking System (LMTS)
Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Critical Issue Management
System Monitoring
Change Management
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
With 10+ years of IT experience

What Is Platform Support?

Businesses which embrace emerging technologies experience numerous commercial benefits but are also often underprepared for the upkeep this approach entails. All platforms, devices and infrastructure require constant maintenance! That’s why NewBase developed a Platform Support service, as a package add-on for NewBase Assist customers. This empowers businesses to proactively maintain and service an array of platforms from servers, switches, hardware, operating systems to enterprise applications; without the need for additional internal resources.

This service focuses on four key characteristics that are common to all platforms:

  • Availability

With support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Platform Support ensures your technological assets are available when your business needs them most.

  • Patching

Monthly patching means your systems are safeguarded against vulnerabilities, upholding company security. Potential critical issues are proactively remediated.

  • Performance

Processes are completed overnight, so you can rest assured business operations won’t be compromised during the work day, ensuring optimal performance. Platforms are regularly updated to access the latest features, to improve performance.

  • Capacity

Proactive monitoring of platform capacity measures, such as CPU, disc space and memory, prevents platform outages, so productivity is maintained. Furthermore, this capacity management enables businesses to grow, as opposed to being negatively affected by the limitations of existing hardware.

This Platform Support solution can be implemented without your internal IT team, so staff can continue to focus on daily operational tasks. As a result, productivity is maintained, and you can rest assured that appropriately skilled IT technicians will keep all business platforms running smoothly.

Upgrade your standard NewBase Assist service to begin utilising Platform Support across your business, without overburdening your existing IT staff.

What Is End User Support?

The productivity of practically every employee in the twenty-first century depends on their uninterrupted access to technology. Trends such as cloud computing, the mobile workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) are shifting the parameters of what end users need to efficiently perform their duties. Technological advances are occurring at such a rapid rate that countless organisations are struggling to keep up with the differing requirements of various devices. Luckily, NewBase has instituted a Managed IT service to support end users, to remedy computing issues as soon as the user encounters them.

Your business’s reliance on technology means workflows can be interrupted by unforeseen technical issues. These range from minor inconveniences such as password resets, having the required permissions to open a file, a computer program failing to open, through to bigger concerns like documents failing to print. Your team can rapidly lose hours of the working day, attempting to fix these problems. Once they have exhausted all avenues trying to solve the problem to the best of their non-technical abilities, they still may not be able to carry out essential tasks!

Fortunately, NewBase is equipped to operate as your outsourced help desk for End User Support, which can handle thousands of users, due to our ability to scale. All the end users within your organisation can submit service requests via email at any time or call the service desk during business hours. Requests will be dealt with in order of priority. Affected users will be provided with a call number and informed of an incident’s progress, then notified when the issue has been resolved.

End User Support is designed to ensure your staff can carry out their planned work, without interference on whichever device they choose, at any time, no matter their location. The service is flexible, with the ability to add or remove users on a monthly basis, to suit evolving businesses. Furthermore, this Managed IT service will complement your existing NewBase Assist and Platform Support services.

Your business will benefit from End User Support in the following ways:

  • Increase user productivity.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Foster commercial agility.
  • Boost staff morale.

If your business is already reaping the rewards of the NewBase Assist service with Platform Support, or is eager to do so, then it makes sense to engage End User Support. This NewBase service enhances the Managed IT solutions your company has come to rely on, ensuring disturbances are promptly eradicated.

What Is Endpoint Management?

As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the potential for a company data breach therefore increases. Fortunately, consistent Endpoint Management by the specialised IT professionals at NewBase, drastically minimises this risk!

This service implements an automated process to keep your staff’s endpoint devices updated, eliminating the need for in-house personnel to routinely perform desktop management tasks; thereby increasing productivity.

The manual tasks which can effectively be replaced by this Endpoint Management service include:

  • Patching and bug fixes which impact website security.
  • Deployment of operating system updates for Windows, Mac or Linux and software usage monitoring.
  • Distributing software and managing licenses on various staff devices.
  • Management of antivirus software to reduce security threats.
  • Management of company IT assets, both applications and endpoint environments.  

Combined, these automated Endpoint Management activities will reduce the risk of a potential data breach, ensuring your enterprise remains compliant with privacy legislation. Furthermore, NewBase’s Endpoint Management service can minimise the potential costs associated with data recovery.

If your business is already utilising, or interested to engaging in Platform Support and End User Support in addition to our NewBase Assist service; why not take advantage of the full Managed IT suite with Endpoint Management? Endpoint Management is an additional service option for all existing NewBase customers already employing our End User Support service.

Secure your business’ good-standing and hard-earnt reputation today. Keep company data safe across all devices with NewBase’s superior Endpoint Management service.

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