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Wide Area Network

How does SD-WAN Technology Work?

NewBase’s Managed SD-WAN service offers businesses a flexible alternative to a traditional multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network. This service aims to deliver a cloud enabled WAN connection, to Australian businesses in a secure and simple format. NewBase leverages inexpensive services such as broadband internet or 4G, where possible, to centralise router distribution.

This ensures the highest level of performance for critical applications across multisite deployments, without sacrificing security, data privacy or user experience. This approach to network connectivity reduces operational costs, increases bandwidth and therefore empowers businesses to experience greater resiliency. Furthermore, SD-WAN improves endpoint scalability and resource usage, supporting company growth.

In a cloud-centric world, traditional wide area network (WAN) may not be able to reliably and securely connect multiple offices over large geographic areas and cloud environments. As companies progressively move toward the adoption of a number of cloud-based applications, it is critical that users of your enterprise applications experience optimal performance. NewBase achieves this with a software defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

The Breakdown Of An SD-WAN

Advantages of NewBase Managed SD-WAN Services

Today’s enterprise infrastructures are supported by WANs, but often experience issues due to high volumes of traffic. Whereas, organisations that leverage MPLS are often locked into long term contracts. Although MPLS offers a high level of performance, these networks can also encounter service outages, traffic congestion and package loss; during VOIP calling and video streaming, for instance. In contrast, SD-WAN dynamically routes traffic through a hybrid network creating increased network agility. That’s why NewBase provides a fully managed and monitored SD-WAN solution; which eliminates guesswork when identifying the performance issues experienced by your staff.

Key Advantages of an SD-WAN include:

  • Lower WAN operational expenses and capital expenditure; plus, overall total cost of ownership is reduced.
  • Provides greater business agility and responsiveness to stay abreast of IT innovations.
  • Allows for load sharing across connections to improve performance; adjusting traffic flows based on network conditions.
  • Supports the automated provisioning of premium network services and subsequent changes; such as firewalls, security, WAN optimisation, virtual private networks (VPNs) and application delivery control.
  • Improves network security by encrypting WAN traffic and segmenting the network to minimise damage in the event of a breach.

If you want to improve your organisation’s network performance and start saving on company expenses, talk to NewBase about implementing Managed SD-WAN within your business.

Connect To NewBase’s SD-WAN Service

The Managed SD-WAN trial encompasses the following service provisions:

  • A fixed setup fee, at the reduced cost of $1,200, excluding GST.
  • Supply of two SD-WAN devices for a 30-day period.
  • The Managed SD-WAN trial will be conducted using a two-site connection.
  • A performance monitoring report will be presented upon completion of the 30-day trial, so you can evaluate if a permanent Managed SD-WAN service is suitable for your business.

If you are considering upgrading from a WAN to improve performance but aren’t entirely convinced this Managed SD-WAN service is the right option for your business, then simply sign up for a 30-day trial, at a reduced cost! The NewBase team is sure the experience will demonstrate the value our Managed SD-WAN service provides.

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