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An evidently endless wave of high-profile security incidents has compromised corporations and government agencies in Australia and around the world. The reality is that most businesses find it challenging to implement and maintain the extensive security controls they need to safeguard their systems, data, premises, people and ultimately, their reputation.

Today, security is a business priority and NewBase can help with their Sphere USM system that identifies threats to remediate any problems.

How Does Sphere USM Work?

Sphere USM uses purpose-built cloud sensors to monitor your Web Services and Cloud environments, and VMware and Hyper-V virtual sensors to monitor your virtual and physical on-premises infrastructure. Security-related data is collected and sent to the NewBase cloud for security analysis, threat correlation, and secure, compliance-ready data storage.

Centralised security monitoring in NewBase Sphere USM gives you powerful threat detection capabilities across your cloud and on-premise landscape, helping to eliminate your security blind spots and regain control over shadow IT. Even as you migrate workloads and services from your data center to the cloud, you have the assurance of continuous security visibility.

Unlike any other security solution on the market today, Sphere USM combines multiple essential security capabilities in one unified platform including:

  • Automated Asset Discovery

Know what’s connected in your environment at all times, even in a dynamic cloud.

  • Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuously monitor your endpoints for threats and configuration issues.

  • Intrusion Detection

Detect threats and suspicious activities early with host, network, and cloud IDS.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and AWS configuration issues that put your organisation at risk.

  • File Integrity Monitoring

Be alerted to suspicious changes on critical servers as required.

  • Event Correlation

Automate event correlation and security analysis with NewBase.

  • User Activity Monitoring

Gain visibility of user activities in Office 365, G Suite, and other business critical cloud apps.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

Know if your users’ credentials have been stolen and trafficked on the dark web.

  • Log Management

Automate log collection and analysis and securely store raw logs in NewBase Cloud.

  • Forensics & Response

Investigate and contain threats faster with response actions on every alarm.

  • Security Orchestration

Update IP blacklists, open IT tickets, and much more.

Businesses are finding that it’s not enough to just have traditional network security layers in place such as strong firewalls, spam & web filtering and AV to block a large portion of threats. Vulnerabilities exist in most networks and cyber-attackers have the tools and determination to find them. It’s not a matter of if – but when a threat will present itself.

Get actionable threat intelligence delivered directly to you with NewBase. Most teams don’t have unlimited resources to research the latest threats in the world. The security professionals at NewBase provide an artificially intelligent security solution for businesses. The research team works on your behalf to overlook the global threat landscape for emerging latest attack methods, and vulnerabilities that could impact your enterprises’ security. They also analyse hundreds of thousands of threat indicators daily and deliver continuous threat intelligence updates automatically to you in the form of remediation guidance, and more. With this integrated threat intelligence offering, you always have the most up to date threat intelligence as you monitor your environment for any emerging threat.

In addition, with the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDBS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect in 2018, the functions of the USM platform is positioned to assist in reducing corporate security risk.

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The Technology Behind Sphere USM
The Technology Behind Sphere USM
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SIEM and Log Management
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