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An Overview Of Telephony As A Service

NewBase extends consistent communications services to all of your employees no matter where they may be working.

NewBase Telephony as a Service delivers a way for you to extend vastly reliable, secure, and consistent communication services to all your employees whether they are in central site locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. NewBase Telephony transmits voice communications over the network using an integrated network for transference and interconnection.

Like cloud computing where you access software or documents from a Cloud service provider, NewBase Telephony as a Service is a virtually hosted Unified Communications system built and maintained by NewBase as part of our Cloud Services offerings. The core of our Digital Workspace offering centres around IP Telephony which can provide your organisation with many benefits. Global leader Mitel is at the centre of our offering providing an all in one communications solution for your organisation with an improved customer experience that meets expectations in how to connect with your business. With the ability to choose from a basic PABX replacement to a fully collaborative call centre offering, we can deliver an enterprise level solution at a competitive price.

Enterprises of all scopes, big and small, are moving towards telephony systems. Put your enterprise and its business processes ahead of the curb by exploring the benefits of adopting the NewBase Telephony Service system. Our experts at NewBase can provide a personal experience, assessing your infrastructure and enterprise needs to provide a particular solution optimised to your enterprise needs.

Streamline communications with NewBase – collaboration and flexibility is the future of work. As customers become more results-oriented, increasing productivity has never been more important to any business. One particular service that’s gaining steam is Mitel’s Unified communications. As we move to the future, NewBase uses a technology that will allow businesses to integrate multiple systems under a common platform. Both at home and in the workplace, connectivity of network devices, electronics, entertainment, software, home and office automation and security systems via the internet, IP telephony and Wi-Fi (internal and/or external) has already started to become the norm. Mitel Micollab is a step in the right direction towards combining and simplifying these technologies, while achieving control remotely.

Mitel MiCollab

Improve the speed and quality of decisions being made in your business by providing employees with everything they need to connect, communicate and collaborate with others all in a single application.

Today’s work is not always completed at a desk. It’s prepared in the car, while walking to lunch, or even waiting for the plane to board. It can also include co-workers working from home, from different countries, or with those who are not even part of your organisation. This is why empowering your business to connect and collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where you are or how you choose to work – is more essential than ever. Mitel MiCollab is a mobile designed communications and collaboration application, designed to align with how employees prefer to connect with others in today’s fast paced, mobile workplace. Through a single application your employees can have access to an integrated suite of communications and collaboration services, so that they can make every interaction efficient and productive whether it’s with colleagues, customers, or partners.

MiCollab combines voice, video, chat, messaging, web conferencing and team collaboration tools making it easier for employees to connect with others and break down the silos associated with organisational departments. Furthermore, with team collaboration tools that are integrated into mobile and desktop clients, working together on project related activities such as document reviews, task management, and participating in real-time meetings has never been easier!

Let’s look at what Micollab aims to achieve

Expand your mobility with Mitel Micollab

Access enterprise-grade communications from any of your preferred devices. Switch between your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and other smart devices, without your callers knowing.

Satisfy Higher Collaboration Demands

Exchange information through a cloud-based interface that enables voice & video calls, conferencing, sharing screens, and sending documents on-demand.

Enjoy Seamless Communication

Check your team’s availability at a glance through the presence feature. Keep the conversation going by sending instant messages when calling is not appropriate.

Keep Connections Secure

Promote accountability by eliminating the use of personal numbers for business. A NewBase solution ensures all calls are made and received through your business number.

Building A Resilient Business

Significantly reduce operational and IT costs with a NewBase service that is fast and easy to deploy. Guarantee business continuity and minimise the impact of natural disasters, emergencies, or any disruption to your operations.

Why Choose NewBase Telephony Services?

There are many benefits to hosting your organisation’s telephony solution in the NewBase Cloud, including;

Everything about upgrading to a NewBase Telephony solution boils down to lower costs. No more expensive call out fees, or productive time lost waiting for someone to replace faulty on premise PABX hardware, with a Telephony as a Service subscription at NewBase, system repairs and updates are included in the services, with configuration changes actioned remotely. All you need is an office router to get started! There may not be a need to invest in physical handsets as our Telephony as a Service solution facilitates software based phone calls and smartphone apps to make & receive calls and video conferences from anywhere at any time. With SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking, you only pay for the data you use. And it’s through SIP trunking that you gain audio, video, and private teleconferencing features without needing to pay for extra channels.

Delivering a telephone solution to remote offices can be a concern for your business, as this traditionally requires installing multiple physical phone systems at each location.  With Telephony as a Service in its place, all you need is an internet connection. As there is no local PABX hardware, your remote workplaces can go fully mobile, easy and seamless and centrally managed under one system. Access to the system configuration is simply via a web portal.

Add extensions quickly on demand, and only pay for what you use with our monthly licensing subscription.

NewBase’s Telephony as a Service automatically includes system upgrades for the core server based telephony system. This means your organisation will always have access to the latest features and stable releases.

Disparate to the hardwired configuration of a POTS based PBX system, NewBase Telephony systems are essentially SaaS deployments. This allows you to incorporate your phone system with other authoritative business applications such as customer databases, unified email, and even SMS processes. This gives workers and customers the tools they need to interact more resourcefully with each other, leading to better business outcomes and improved customer satisfaction.

Telephony systems can simply be integrated with existing legacy systems and hardware in your business. Because Telephony systems integrate with your business applications, so will your legacy systems. For example, when faxes are required, you can send and receive your faxes via email. The NewBase Telephony system keeps almost everything the same while aggregating the functionality and productivity within your professional processes.

NewBase Telephony deals more than just with voice to voice connections. The system is operational to handle conference calls, video calls, and other meetings where the instantaneous streaming of audio and video are fundamental. A far-reaching Telephony system eradicates software and hardware redundancy by uniting all these conferencing necessities into one solution.

Connect To NewBase’s Telephony Services

A Newbase Telephony service provides everything you need for your network. With the broadest portfolio of products designed and priced for a variety of businesses, we’re ready to help with your technology needs. Experienced Partners of Mitel, Microsoft and Cisco, we understand your unique needs and design, deploy, and manage a complete solution that’s tailored to your organisation’s objectives, so you can focus on your business. Contact NewBase to find out more about how Telephony as a Service can increase your organisation’s productivity, flexibility, reputation and scale to match your business needs.

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What is Mitel Micollab?
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What is Mitel Teleworking?
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