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NewBase Assist | Overview of service

By subscribing to NewBase Assist, you choose the level of support and services your business needs.  We have customisable packages to suit organisations from small businesses to large enterprises.

Technology is evolving at a tremendous pace, which in turn is leading to increased user expectations and workplace demands. No in-house IT team can specialise in all aspects of the ever-changing IT landscape, increased demands create a constant backlog of user requests and delays in delivering new projects. Furthermore, not many businesses can afford to engage these staff beyond typical work hours, or have the resources to cover their internal staff when they take leave.

Our structured Assist service is equipped with a combination of contemporary work methods, off the shelf applications and custom-written programs, meaning we can adapt the way we work  to suit your needs.

Service Desk | Technical Account Management | Service Level Agreements | Monitoring | Patching | End User Support | Vendor Managment

Unique Aspects of NewBase Assist | What does this product do for me

NewBase Assist provides a framework of services that enhance the capabilities of your IT team. We help lower IT operating expenses through increased efficiency, reduced risk and technical scalability.

NewBase Assist Includes

  • Strategy – Access our experience in digital migration and modern workplace planning.
  • Skills – Industry certified engineers become an extension of your team.
  • Visibility – Continous monitoring of your systems with client visibility dashboard.
  • Incident Management – Users have assured response times and resolution of incidents.
  • Service Desk – Relieve stress on your IT team by taking calls directly from your end users.
  • Vendor Management – Liaise with vendors on your behalf to seek the desired result.

Client testimonial

Quote saying NewBase was awesome and improved our productivity immensely. Love from QSL

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